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Your Favorites – Rab

Name: Rab Madden

Favorite hotel:

Luxor, as they gave me free upgrade to a suite.

Favorite casino:


Favorite restaurant:

The steak house in Circus Circus. It was my first meal in Vegas 10 years ago

Go to game:


Vegas cocktail of choice:

Not a cocktail, but love Jack and Coke or a nice pint of Harp.

What is your favorite Vegas memory to date?

Getting married in Vegas in the sunshine, perfect day.

Any tips for other Vegas fans?

Enjoy every minute, and men should visit Spearmint Rhinos at least once. Quality.

Besides Vegas Fanboy, what other Vegas related media to you consume?

VegasMate and Visit Las Vegas.


Thanks for sharing Rab! Love knowing there’s another Luxor fan among us. Just a little PSA: I wouldn’t Google “‘Spearmint Rhino” at work. Have some ‘favorites’ you’d like to share, just send me an email and I’ll be happy to put it up!

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