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Luxor Hotel and Casino Review

To say that I’m underwhelmed by the Luxor’s de-theming would be an understatement. Disappointed may be a better word. It’s clear that management wanted to elicit a swanky vibe and the kitschy Egyptian decor simply didn’t fit with these plans. They stripped what they could, but prominent remnants of the ancient motif remain, creating some confusing aesthetics. I’d rather them go all in on the theme. Is it cheesy? Sure. But it’s also quite fun. I still argue that Treasure Island is far too tame in it’s decorative choices. Either way, let’s talk about what you should expect, other than grand indoor waterfalls when staying at this Theban replica.

Try as they might, they can't escape the theme.
Try as they might, they can’t escape the theme.

I’ve always found the service here to be first-rate, which is nice considering it’s certainly not a high-end resort. One way for a mid-tier property to establish value is by offering excellent customer service. While I alone represent an incredibly small sample size, I can say that this has been the case on each of my visits here.

Check-in was a breeze. I checked in on a Saturday, which helps. Friday is the worst day to check-in. Weekend visitors tend to all arrive in the late afternoon and early evening on Fridays, which can create some long lines. If you run into this, my suggestion is to give the bellman your bags and go grab a drink or explore for a bit to give the line time to die down.

View from the 16th floor.

The walk to my room from the front desk was quite long. I had to trudge to elevator 3B to reach my room on the 16th floor. I passed by two Starbucks locations on my way…seriously. From the elevator, I then had to walk about halfway around the entire Pyramid to reach my room. The odd elevator locations are the cause of this. Oddly enough, the building design doesn’t lend itself to efficient layouts. This ever-present botheration carries over into the rooms.

Luxor myVegas comp room
Pyramid deluxe room.

The Pyramid rooms are adequate. That’s the most complimentary adjective I can muster. The slanted wall makes for a lot of wasted space. The furnishings are old and, in my room, showing quite a few signs of wear. The 420 sq. foot rooms offer a decent amount of space, but the loud air unit and automatic bathroom fan make it anything but serene. The bathroom was surprisingly satisfactory considering the property is over 20 years old. Again though, I despise automatic fans. The obnoxious clatter can really ruin a soothing, warm shower at least the shower head had a very nice and full spray/stream.

Some wood filler or a replacement is overdue.
Some wood filler or a replacement is overdue.
Single sink, but loads of counter space.
Single sink, but loads of counter space.

The worst oversight in the room was the tear in the outer sheet on the bed. It was fairly obvious to me after a quick glance and is really something housekeeping should have seen. While not necessarily a big deal, little things like this can make an otherwise suitable room feel cheap. Besides that and the dust on the nightstand, the room was clean and not altogether uncomfortable.

It was like that when I got there- I swear.
It was like that when I got there- I swear

The casino, despite my displeasure over the de-theme, boasted a lively atmosphere. Granted, it was a weekend, but the place was “hopping”. I think that’s the right term; I’m trying to connect with other millennials. The table minimums were low during the morning and early afternoon hours. I spotted a few $5 blackjack tables during my walkaround. I even saw a few $10 3:2 tables as well. Most other games were around the $10 baseline. My late night favorite after too many Dr. Peppers, Shoot-to-Win Craps, featured $2 minimum bets. This made me a happy Fanboy.


Part of my Saturday consisted of getting a few hours of work done. I was worried about finding a spot quiet enough to concentrate. I found that the lounge area of the casino bar, Aurora, was probably my best option. With only one other patron at midday, the area was as quiet as any casino can get, I think. My server Tammy went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. I noticed that she was quite affable with the other customer, but left me alone for long durations. She clearly noticed I was working and wanted to leave me to it. This sort of awareness by a server is absolutely top notch. She earned quite a tip because of it. 4% is a large tip, right? Just kidding, please tip well people.


I was also pleasantly surprised by the scent. I think I picked up hints of coconut, but my olfactory senses aren’t exactly up to snuff. I spent the weekend staying in the Mandalay Bay/Luxor complex and my clothes, upon unpacking them at home after my trip, did not require excessive deodorization. The same can’t be said after staying at some older properties with less than stellar air filtration systems.

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VFB Takeaway

If you’re looking to stay on the south end of the Strip, the Luxor can be a pretty good value. Pay a few extra bucks to stay in a tower room. Cheap table limits easy to find during the week and through the afternoon. The hotel’s biggest asset is its proximity to the very nice Mandalay Bay.


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