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Westin Las Vegas Review

Disclaimer: I have a family member who works for Starwood Resorts which allowed me to have a discounted stay. While they do not work at this particular hotel and my room was not outright comped, I feel it is important to disclose any particular bias and/or conflicting interests. As always, when considering a resort, I encourage further research. Ok, here’s my take:

The Westin, just a couple of blocks off center Strip on Flamingo, may not be the resort you’re looking for, but it could be the one you need. You’re not going to find top quality restaurants to fulfill your palatal needs. The comparatively small, 20,000 sq foot casino has few gaming options. And the slightly higher than average room rates, anywhere from $150 – $240 for a standard weekend, will certainly keep budget conscious travelers at bay. It lacks the staples prominent at most Strip resorts, but it does provide just enough for a pleasant stay.

While not technically a Strip resort, a five minute walk will land you on Las Vegas Blvd at the Cromwell entrance. A two minute stroll across Flamingo will get you inside Bally’s near the sportsbook. It actually benefits from its “not quite the Strip but still kind of the Strip” location. It’s quiet. There’s a noticeable difference when you juxtapose the bustling Bally’s and Paris casinos to the Westin. I found that I actually enjoyed walking back to my room late at night. The calm, quiet walk provided a nice transition to my sleepy time in their extremely comfortable ‘Heavenly Bed’. I liken it to my nightly routine of reading literature before falling asleep. Compare this with my old routine of TV watching, iPad browsing, or video game playing, which is similar to playing in and walking through a busy casino before trying to rest your head for the night.

The previously mentioned ‘Heavenly Bed’ may be one of the best mattresses in Las Vegas, in a resort at least. My wife and I actually own one which resides in our guest room. I envy our friends and family that get to use it. I’m stuck sleeping on my wife’s choice, a very firm mattress, perhaps inspired by the Flintstones. The Heavenly Bed is a soft pillow top. It’s heavenly, if I may say so.

The rooms are standard Westin. Not opulent, but basic and comfortable. The bathrooms follow suit. Shower water pressure is a perpetual problem for some Vegas resorts, but that’s not the case here. Housekeeping was efficient and our room was sufficiently clean each day of our visit.


This is a television.
This is a television.
This is a bathroom.
This is a bathroom.
I like "free".
I like “free”.
I also like really good views. This is from our 7th floor room.
I also like really good views. This is from our 7th floor room.

The casino, although small, does offer some good happy hour gaming deals which are great for low-rollers and gambling novices. I’m a big fan of their daily $3 craps offering. Guests can also enjoy complimentary happy hour drinks and appetizers daily in their pool area. I can’t speak of the spa, as I didn’t use it. They have one though. So they got that going for them, which is nice.

Ultimately, is it worth your cash? That depends on your Vegas needs. I’m a sucker for the ridiculously ostentatious and themed resorts, of which the Westin most certainly is not. Access to any of the Strip’s upscale dining is going to require a bit of a walk. Expanded gambling options are going to demand the same. However, if you’re in town for business or looking for a quiet respite near the Strip, the Westin may just be what you’re looking for.

Update: The Westin’s Max Casino officially closed in the summer of 2017

Bland Comfort
  • Room
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  • Service
  • Location
  • low roller friendly

VFB Takeaway

The Westin isn’t a bad property by any means. Used frequently by business travelers, so the casino is minimal and not lively. The rooms are comfortable, basic Westin rooms. The location is better than a map may suggest- a 5 minute walk will put you center Strip.


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