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Las Vegas Club Update

In case you’ve been out of the Vegas loop, the Las Vegas Club Hotel and Casino was sold for $40 million to Derek and Greg Stevens. Thanks to Vegas Inc. for the details and @fivehundy for originally breaking the story. Any plans regarding the remodel and opening are only speculation at this point. Derek Stevens admitted that his team needs to do a formal assessment of the property before specific plans are developed. With sister property Golden Gate just across the street (walkway?), one thing’s for sure, the Plaza will be further pinched out of the Fremont Street Experience.

The Las Vegas Club (I’m going to continue calling it the LVC despite the fact that the name will change) was sold by The Tamares Group, who now plans to focus entirely on what was LVC’s sister property, the Plaza. The Plaza is not a Fremont Street Experience partner hotel. You don’t have read any paper work to figure this out, a simple eye test will do. That massive slot machine/prehistoric sea monster on which you can zipline? Yeah, its end point is an obstruction, partially blocking physical and visual access to and from the Plaza. What was once a fantastic view from Oscar’s Steakhouse is now not so much.The Tamares Group is going to have their hands full. And their operation of LVC doesn’t exactly instill much confidence.

Hopefully the Stevens brothers can make LVC a place worth visiting again. Or, optimistically, a place you won’t be embarrassed to say you enjoy. If their work with the D and Golden Gate are any indication, I’d say that we can look forward to having another casino with favorable odds and a lively atmosphere.

How those are accomplished both aesthetically and operationally are still a mystery. Some, like our buddy Tom over at The Vegas Parlay, hope that the new LVC will stick with the sports theme. Perhaps by adding a halfway decent, comfortable sports book, of which Fremont St. is in need of. He’s partial to those kinds of things. I’d simply be fine if the game tops were less sticky. While we don’t know a whole lot, one widely circulated rumor has been put to rest:

That’s unfortunate, but I appreciate Derek being open and upfront about it. Ladies, I’m hopeful that one day you’ll get a casino party pit that suits your desires. I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop, even though I won’t get a chance to strut my stuff in the dealer pit.

What changes would you like to see? How would you restructure the property?

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