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Name: Blonde4ever

Favorite hotel:

My favorite hotel would be Palazzo, if I could afford it. But I can’t,  so in the interest of stretching a dollar until it squeaks I have become a “downtown fan.”  You can’t beat the value.  I have become very fond of the Plaza in recent trips. I love the location, the size of the rooms, and the food choices. I am also a fan of the D. Their beds are comfy, I like their shows, and I enjoy the D Grill.

Who am I kidding? I would stay at  ANY of the downtown hotels.

Favorite casino:

In recent trips I have had the best luck at the D and Binion’s.  The D is very lively, sometimes almost too lively, but you can just go up to the second floor for a quieter experience.

I simply adore the fact that Binion’s has nickel slant-tops. They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable style of Video Poker machine.

Favorite restaurant:

If you want a good meal at a reasonable price head for Market Street Cafe at the California.  I have never had a bad meal there and the staff treat you like family.

I am also a fan of Hash House a Go Go. I have dreams about that Sage Fried Chicken at night.

Go to game:

Video poker. At the quarter level if I can afford it, and nickel level if I can’t.

I also have a serious Buffalo Deluxe addiction.  It is so exciting how your fortunes can change so quickly. I once put a twenty in a Buffalo Deluxe machine and betting a dollar a spin I hit a jackpot of $1500. They had to pick me up off of the floor. And THAT is why we gamble.

Vegas cocktail of choice:

I usually order Crown Royal and club soda, but if I see something interesting go by I will holler

“Give me one of those!” 😉

What is your favorite Vegas memory to date?

There are too many favorite moments to choose from. Every minute in Vegas is a “favorite”.

One that comes to mind is the year I got to ride the riverboat float in the old Show in the Sky at the Rio. They dressed me in robes and sat me right at the front of the float. There was huge crowd below me and every time I waved  a hundred people would wave back. I was oddly thrilled by that.

Who knew waving could be so much FUN!

Any tips for other Vegas fans?

Be very careful who you go to Vegas with. Nothing is worse than doing Vegas with a killjoy. Try to make sure before you ever leave home that your travelling companion is someone who enjoys gambling, shows, and all Vegas has to offer.

Besides Vegas Fanboy, what other Vegas related media to you consume?

Obviously my own site,, but I also spend an extraordinary amount time surfing the net for new Vegas news.  I enjoy Vital Vegas,, Vegas Solo, Las Vegas Advice, Las Vegas Advisor, etc.


Many thanks for sharing! Las Vegas 4 Ever has been a big supporter of this site and the podcast. If you’d like to share your Vegas Favorites, please shoot me an email. I’d love to see them!

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