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How Would You Do Vegas for $100 a Day?

As you know, this blog and podcast is all about maximizing your Vegas budget. Some bankrolls are bigger than others, leaving more discretionary income for drinking and gambling. I’m sure there are other things to do in Vegas, but I can’t think of them. While it would be fairly rare for a person to have to subsist on $100 a day for the duration of their Vegas vacation, what if you had to? Or, just for kicks, what if you wanted to?

That will be the theme of the next VFB podcast- developing a $100 itinerary. What I would love is to hear yours! I’ll be sharing the details of my agenda, but I’d really like to hear and share your ideas as well. Here are the rules and assumptions to structure the planning process:

  1. You have a rental car already paid for (Be mindful of parking fees)
  2. Accommodations are already taken care of (This would be a near impossible task if not)
  3. You can use common coupons available publicly (no comps specific to your play)
  4. Assume your gambling is at a 100% loss (choose to play craps for $20? Subtract $20 from your total)
  5. You must tip 20% (We’re frugal, not cheap)

Essentially, what we’re trying to do is plan a $100 day based on our food and entertainment expenses. There are a plethora of free or cheap activities, along with great places to find an inexpensive drink. I know I’ll try to throw some minimal gaming into the mix. So, what does your day look like?

Here’s how to be a part of the show:

You can email me your itinerary at


If you want to hear yourself on the show, you can leave a message on the VFB voicemail line: (276) 318-3427 or BRO -31V-EGAS (Thanks Taylor)


Record a message on your smartphone, then email me the mp3.

I’ll need any emails or voice messages by Sunday evening (June 12th). I look forward to hearing what you come up with!


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