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Grab Your Buddies and Enter this WSOP Tournament

Grabbing an inexpensive entry into the World Series of Poker isn’t easy. You’ll have to compete with thousands of other low rollers in online and live qualifiers to score a seat. This task becomes even more daunting if, like me, you’re not that good. Well, the 2016 schedule may have made it a little easier. Now, with the introduction of Event #61, all you have to do is get together $250 bucks and three of your best poker playing pals.

The new, 3-day event is the $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em tournament. According to the rules, a team can consist of 2-4 players who must register together. Unfortunately for my potential team (I’m not playing this year), each member must play at least one round of blinds. In an interesting twist on the game, players may sub in and out whenever they are not in an active hand. Essentially, once a hand is dead, you can change players. I’m interested to see how strategies develop among teams. Are certain players better at playing in position? Is one team member great with a short stack? I really hope this tournament is televised, as I’d like to see how it plays out.

The prize pool is distributed evenly among the teammates. Best of all, every member of the winning team receives a gold bracelet. This could be the first time a WSOP tournament distributes four gold bracelets in one event. I in no way fact checked this. As a fan of the game, I’ve always wanted to participate in at least one event. My lack of skill and limited bankroll has made this quite a risky proposition. But, Event #61 could be a great way to get into the action cheaply with a bunch of friends. So, who wants to join team Fanboy in the future?


Feature photo: “World Series of Poker” by Joe Shoe via CC BY-ND 2.0

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