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Have Plans in October?

Unsure about when your next Vegas trip should be? You may want to strongly consider the weekend of October 14 – 16. This is the weekend of the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic (VIMFP). The celebration, established by the Vegas Tripping gang and hosted by The D, is a jamboree for Vegas obsessives. Various Vegas podcasts and personalities will be showcased, allowing fans to see their favorite shows in person. Presenters this year include Vegas Tripping, Vegas Gang, Five Hundy by Midnight, and Dr. David Schwartz.

Beyond being able to see your favorite Vegas podcasts in person, it’s a great opportunity to gather with other Vegasphiles. What’s better than being in Vegas with people who appreciate the city as much as you do? If you’re an active reader of this site or my podcast, I’d really like you to consider attending this year, for good reason…

I’m happy to announce that the Vegas Fanboy Podcast will be a featured presenter during this year’s festivities. Disregard my third person usage. I’m extremely excited to not only attend, but be able to share my show live at the VIMFP festivities. A YUGE thank you to Chuck and the rest of the Vegas Tripping crew for giving me this opportunity. Major thanks also to you, my readers and listeners. Without you, my show wouldn’t be what it is.

While I’m very much looking forward to “performing” in a Vegas showroom (a bucket list item for me), I’d be most thrilled to meet and thank you for letting me pollute your ears on a bi-weekly basis. If past VIMFP weekends are any indication, this is going to be one hell of a time. If you plan on attending, please be sure to let me know. I’d love to chat and share a drink.

For details about the events and deals for the host properties (The D and Golden Gate), head to the official VIMFP page.

To keep up with the latest news and interact with other attendees, follow #VIMFP and @VIMFP on Twitter.

See you in Vegas!


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