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Tips on Ways and Places to Learn Craps

I got an email (on purpose actually) from a reader asking about ways and places to learn craps. It can seem intimidating for new players . This is especially true for low rollers, as low minimum tables are typically pretty busy. Here are a few of my tips:

Before your trip

If you haven’t already, I would listen to a couple episodes of the You Can Bet on That podcast. They give a great rundown of the basics and good bets to make. I would listen to the following episodes: 1, 6, 7, and 10. These will give you a great start and the guys are fun and laid back.

Try downloading a game on your smartphone and just goofing around with the different bets, seeing how they payout and work together. Learn just a few of the basic, best bets. These would be the pass-line with odds, come bets with odds, and placing numbers. This may seem confusing at first, but it only takes a short time to come to grips with them. I typically play the pass-line and place a few numbers. I of course throw a few bucks on the hardways when I feel like “gambling”, but these basic bets are typically the best odds wise and the most simply, which is nice.

When you get there

When you get to Vegas, seek out the Shoot-to-Win craps electronic game. Each player has their own module, but are playing the same dice. You wont feel intimidated since no one can really see how you’re betting. Try experimenting with one bet at a time to see how it works and pays out. Bonus, these machines can be found in most big casinos on the Strip and are usually at a fairly low minimum. I’ve found a few at $1 or $2! This is an inexpensive way to learn the game.

First table experience

Many casinos offer free lessons. They’ll typically go over the basics, but few will tell you which bets are the best odds wise. Ignore the Big 6 and 8. Most casinos offer these daily and many display these on their website. If not, you can ask a pit boss and they’ll let you know.

“This wouldn’t be a VFB article without me mentioning the Westin”
For your first actually foray, go at a downtime to find an uncrowded table. Usually early morning is best. Some off-Strip properties are good for this. The Westin, which is about a block off the Strip behind the Cromwell, is rarely busy and would be a great place to learn. This wouldn’t be a VFB article without me mentioning the Westin. If you’re downtown, the Downtown Grand is somewhat secluded and lacks patrons most of the day. You’ll have to wait until after 2pm, though. In a bold business move, they are limiting their table game hours. Most dealers are patient with new players, especially if the day is slow.

Be sure to listen to Mark and Dr. Mike of YCBT. Despite our mutual disdain, they’ve also agreed to share their thoughts on this subject in an upcoming episode.

Have any tips of your own?

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Received word that the Westin craps table is now only operational on Friday and Saturday from 6pm – 2am. What’s the point in even going to Vegas anymore?

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