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The Best Show Plans May Be No Show Plans

We’ve all been there. We’re on a great run at the table, winning like we’ve never won before. Then we remember, we have those show tickets we bought months ago. We were really excited to see the show when we bought the tickets. Now, in the heat of the Vegas moment, not so much. This happens all the time. We don’t only get caught up gambling. Perhaps we met some new friends at a bar or strolling the Strip.

This situation is another test of our ability to ignore sunk costs. We’re not going to get that money back, no matter what we do. It’s spent. Even if we go to the show, money isn’t going back into our pockets.

What really matters is our utility going forward. Yes, maybe we spent $100 on show tickets, but would we be happier if we went to the show or stayed at the bar or craps table? That’s the question we need to answer and the only one that matters in this situation.

There are hundreds of shows in Vegas. Even if one sells out, there are likely several options that cater to similar tastes. Perhaps we should wait to buy our show tickets until the day of. Tix-4-Tonight is ideal for us planned procrastinators. They offer heavily discounted tickets to most Vegas productions, even the popular Cirque shows and the highly rated Absinthe. There are several booths on the Strip and one downtown at 4 Queens.

Sometimes, the best Vegas plans are no plans at all. Some of my best memories are from when I just let Vegas happen. If we plan too much, we can feel stifled and rushed. Unless there’s a show you’re dying to see, I’d suggest waiting to buy those tickets until you arrive.

Photo courtesy of Tix 4 Tonight


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