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How Much Should I Tip for a Hand Pay?

I think I must first add a disclaimer to this post. I may be the worst source for this piece of information. To the point, I’ve never received a hand pay. I’m not an avid slot player and my VP results are less than stellar. I’m still chasing that Royal. I’m ready though. Mentally, I’ve prepared myself for the inevitable moment when I have to call an attendant to service my machine. That’s not a euphemism.

In our euphoria during the winning moment, we need not to forget the employee who pays us out. But how much is customary? U.S. restaurant etiquette indicates 15%- 20%. That’s upwards of $200 on a $1,200 payout, the current threshold. Compound that with the 28% government “fun fee” and there’s isn’t much left for you to enjoy. So, our typical habits are too much. From what I found perusing various message boards and groups, the average is about 2%. I was disappointed to find that quite a few don’t tip at all. Not that I want to tell you what to do with your money, but we need to be sure we’re taking care of the hard workers who make our good time possible. If you’re at a bartop VP machine, it’s probably good form to throw a few extra sheckles to tapster as well

Typical responses I found ranged between 1% and 5%. Some of our foreign friends are even more generous thanks to relaxed taxation policies back home. $20 per thousand sounds good to me, though. What about you?

Feature photo: “Jackpot” by Ryan McDonough via CC by 2.0


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