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Bingo at Red Rock: “Not Your Grandmother’s Game”

Not your grandmother’s game indeed. On June 25th, Red Rock Hotel and Casino will host “shot bingo”. There will be a live DJ, complimentary cocktails, and free shots for all winners. Who knows? Maybe grandmothers will show up. After all,  there are a few things my grandmother enjoys: bingo, peering through her windows to keep a vigilant watch on her condo complex, and shots.

Registration starts at 8pm with a 9pm start. So I guess there’s no way they are looking to attract the senior citizen crowd. They will most likely be in bed after just finishing their Matlock marathon. The cost is $25 which includes 10 games/30 electronic cards. I’m not an avid bingo player, but this has certainly piqued my interest. If looking to play online bingo then here is the Full list of bingo sites available with all the bingo promotions, bonuses and promo codes available. However, I’d love to know how this plays out. If you go, please let me know!

For more information: Red Rock Casino Promotions


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