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Downtown Las Vegas: A Choice of Two Pools

(Update: Since posting last summer, Downtown Grand has since remodeled their pool area. By remodeled, I mean they switched out some cushions, added an herb thing (not that kind), and changed the name to Citrus.)

If you enjoy spending some time at the pool and are staying in the downtown area, you really only have two choices: Golden Nugget and Downtown Grand. There are other pools downtown, but they are not worth considering. They’re either barely the size of your bathtub or lack amenities to make for a comfortable experience. GN and DTG offer very different experiences. So, which one is right for you?

Golden Nugget

The pool at Golden Nugget has probably the most unique design of any in Vegas. The shark tank centerpiece and water slide are certainly novelties. The unfortunate side effect of pool related novelties? An abundance of kids. Families tend to flock to Golden Nugget because of the pool. There were quite a few little ones running around on the Sunday morning I tried to navigate the space.

To be fair, GN actually has two pools. The second, an adult only pool called The Hideout, is located on the third level. Upon arrival, my group was told there was a $25 fee to get into this pool area, even though we were hotel guests at the time. Um…how about no? The Hideout features a shallow infinity pool surrounded by cabanas and loungers and a separate bar. The lounge chairs and cabanas need to be rented ahead of time. You may be able to snag one on the day of your visit, but they will most likely be spoken for during busy weekends. The same can be said for cabanas on the second level, which is a space dedicated only to these canvased rest spots. There’s no water fun on the second tier.

The cabanas of the main pool surround an abundance of lounge chairs. This is my main complaint about the GN pool: it can be really crowded. There are no dedicated spots for those not paying a premium to escape the sun. A stray cloud or two and a dip in the pool is your only respite from the heat. This setup makes it hard to get comfortable, which is all I’m looking for on pool day. The cabanas, despite being in the budget-friendly area of Fremont, aren’t exactly cheap. Weekend rates will run around $400 in addition to food and beverage purchases. This is manageable if you’re a baller or have a big group, but for us low-rollers, it’s a little pricey. The GN pool also offers some outdoor gaming in the form of blackjack and a mini-craps table. Minimums run at $15 + throughout the weekends.


  • Unique setting and design
  • Can be quite crowded, especially on weekends
  • Too many kids for my liking
  • Cabanas and service are nice, but are expensive for the Fremont area

Head to page 2 for a run down on Downtown Grand’s Pool Deck ——>


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