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myVegas Tips for Beginners

myVegas has changed quite a bit from its early iteration. Many players bemoan the lack of viable Vegas based rewards. It’s true, MGM has scaled its offerings consistently. Part of this is most likely because people were using the game as a way to subsidize their entire trip, not enhance it. Even though MGM has removed some of the more expensive options, other Vegas based properties have been added to the mix. The game can still be quite useful in procuring a free meal, discounted show tickets, or even a comped room.

When I play, I’m all about efficiency. My only goal is to build up LPs, the gold coins used to redeem rewards. I (or is it “this writer”? I think I’m breaking the Vegas blogger style guide) am not a big fan of slot machines in general. However, I’m not going to tell you how to enjoy the game. If you’re a fan of slots and like interacting with bonuses and game varietals, have a blast. If you’re new to the game and our myVegas goals align, here are a few tips to get you started:

Log in as often as you can

Even if you don’t plan on playing, this is the best way to build up your red chip count. The more consecutive days you log in, the higher the multipliers for your daily bonus spin. After you’ve completed the daily spin, collect your chips from the Strip. Repeating this process for a few days will allow you to build up a decent count for when you maybe have the time to actually play one of the games.

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Auto-spin all day

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 7.13.26 PM

I only run the actual game when I’m working on something vastly more important on my computer. You know, like Googling myself. Because of this, I like to set it on the highest auto-spin setting I can. I recently just unlocked the coveted “500”. The varying levels open as you level up. You can see the needed level by highlighting the lock with your cursor. I like to have as little interaction with the game as possible. It’s very similar to how I deal with the general public. To accomplish this, I stay away from games with bonuses altogether. I stick to either Lotus Land or Masked Ball Nights. The latter requires a lower minimum per spin, so it’s better for smaller chip counts.

Ignore the rewards

This may take the fun out of the game for some of you, but it limits your chances of being disappointed. Some of the best rewards can be very difficult to get. They’ll typically have a limited supply and many other players will be vying for them. Instead, shoot for an LP amount. 200K to 300K is more than enough for an individual trip, even if you plan on trying to get a free room. Planning a trip around myVegas room rewards alone can be daunting and near impossible. Plan your trip as you normally would, procuring the best flight deal you can, then see if, by chance, a room reward can be redeemed during that particular time. No need to add stress on what should be a fun process.

Purchase more than you need

Remember, you can always cancel rewards if you don’t use them. With the exception of comped rooms, your LPs will be refunded upon cancellation. There is a limit to the number of rewards you can cancel in a certain time frame, so be sure to read the terms and conditions ahead of time. Over purchasing allows you to be a bit more flexible during your trip. We all make grandiose plans ahead of trip. Some of these plans head to the wayside as they tend to do. It’s Vegas after all. Looking to perhaps get a discounted buffet? Pick two potential spots and refund one when you return home.

Redeem during off hours

If you need to call the service line to redeem a room reward, call during the middle of a weekday. A lunch break may be ideal. Most people tend to call after work or on the weekends. This jams up the line and makes for long, frustrating wait times.

The same tactic can be used when you have to redeem the rewards on site at an MLife desk. If possible, head to the desk in the morning when lines are likely to be minimal.

If you have any other tips or questions regarding myVegas, leave a comment below or reach out via the contact form. I’d love to hear from you!


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