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Canceling a myVegas Reward

Many times, when we head to Vegas, we have some grandiose plans and many activities on our tentative itinerary. Anyone who’s been to Vegas knows that these plans can quickly fall through. This isn’t for a lack of effort, but most likely because other, unexpected events tend to come about. Kind of like the time I somehow ended up on the north end of the Strip, past the Stratosphere, singing karaoke until 3:00 am with a cowboy. True story. myVegas has made the planning process more interesting; it’s always fun browsing potentially free activities. Sometimes, though, Vegas happens and we need to cancel a reward or two. Here’s how to go about doing so:

Head to your wallet. You can find this on both the mobile and desktop platforms. On the desktop, it’s labeled “My Purchases”.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.55.54 AM

 Click on the reward you want to cancel. You should see a “cancel reward” button. Simply click on that and you’ll be all set. The LPs will automatically be loaded back into your account. You should note, however, that you may only cancel 5 rewards every 30 days.

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 Room rewards are a bit different. If all you do is purchase the reward, but never make a reservation, the reward redemption amount will be refunded in the same manner as the process above. However, if you call to redeem the reward at the specific hotel, the points become nonrefundable. That’s not to say that if you can no longer make it, you should simply do nothing. You see, when you redeem your reward, it becomes an active reservation with the property. Because of this, you would have left your credit card information. If you don’t call to cancel the reward, you will still be charged the resort fee for that particular night. So, to officially cancel your room, you have to call the hotel reservation line directly. Be sure to have your room confirmation number handy, the one you should have received when you originally redeemed the reward.

I had to do this recently for a stay at the Luxor. I described the pain-free redemption process in a previous post. The cancellation was just as easy. Here are some of the specific hotel reservation numbers:

Mandalay Bay: 1-702-632-7777

Excalibur: 1-702-597-7777

Luxor: 1-877-386-4658

MGM Grand: 1-877-880-0880

Monte Carlo: 1-702-730-7000

Mirage: 1-800-374-9000

Circus Circus: 1-702-691-5950

If you have any myVegas tips or redemption reviews, be sure to let me know. I’d love to hear about your experience!


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