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A Few Podcast Episodes for Your Next Trip out to Las Vegas

The only problem with all the great Vegas content being produced by my peers is that choosing only a few episodes to help me get through my travels can be quite daunting. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites to help you (mostly me) set the tone for your trip.

When You’re On Your Way:

Five Hundy By Midnight’s Tim and Michelle Tour Las Vegas

Episodes 450 – 453

To me, these are the most creative segments produced in the Vegas podcasting community. In this four part series from the duo, they stop at every major casino on the Strip and downtown, sharing their impressions and experiences at each property. The casino background noise and virtual stroll is a great way to get in the mood for your arrival.

Vice Lounge Online Episode 206 – A First Casino Trip

VLO features a really unique format. The typical 30 minute show is broken down into three chunks with an individual focus on gambling, alcohol, and cigars. This episode isn’t necessarily for the Vegas aficionado, but a great introduction for your first casino visit. Hosts Tony and Jason give you more information on what to expect on the casino floor. Besides being a great introduction to casinos in general, you get great info on whiskey and a Davidoff cigar.

360 Vegas – Reviews

360 Vegas is a well produced show mixing details of Vegas news, entertainment offerings, and casino tips. They’re bread and butter though, pun intended, are their insightful and entertaining restaurant reviews. There’s no need to worry about potential palatal differences. Mark and company provide lucid dish and environment details, so you’ll be sure to know if the eatery merits your visit.

You Can Bet on That – Episode 1

I enjoy listening to a show’s first episode; it’s fun to see how it has developed and grown. Besides that novelty though, Mark and Dr. Mike’s inaugural installment will help you understand an otherwise intimidating game, craps. The affable duo take craps seriously, but not themselves, so the banter is fun and unpretentious, great for craps newbies. They have quite a few other “crappy” episodes, exploring the finer details of the game.


For When You Get Home:

Tipping the Odds

Dr. Kev and Mitch have a humorous take on Vegas news and personal trips which makes for an entertaining hour.

Vegas Gang

An analysis of the business side of Vegas and casinos in general. The hosts are engaging and their Vegas acumen provides great insight.

All these podcasts can be found on iTunes and other such apps. Do you have any favorite Vegas centric podcast episodes you’d like to share? Be sure to let me know!


photo credit: Patrick Breitenbach 


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