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Classy Drinks Abound at…Bound

If you’re at center Strip and looking to start the night off with some elegance, you may want to stop by the Cromwell’s lobby bar, Bound.

The bar, with a menu created by noted mixologist, Salvatore Calabrese, features a variety of quality cocktails and small “Bound Bites”. The space is small. Oh, excuse me, I think they want me to call it “intimate”. The copywriters use it twice in Bound’s description. Despite that, there’s plenty of seating at either the circular, center bar or in the comfy couches and chairs surrounding it.


The drink prices are what you’d expect from an upscale Vegas lounge. The average cocktail cost is around $16. So, expect about $20 per libation with tax and tip included. I enjoyed the Blood and Sand, a whiskey based concoction. It was one of the best sip-able drinks I’ve had in a long time. The company I was with said the same about their particular orders.

Blood and Sand
Blood and Sand

The service was great. The bartenders were knowledgable and friendly. One risk I, perhaps unfairly, associate with mixology based establishments is an air of pretentiousness. You wont find that here.

Although pricey and lacking any gaming options, Bound offers a quiet, classy spot to start your night.


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