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Episode #18 – Entertaining the Other

In this episode I talk about, among other things, how to entertain reluctant and novice gamblers. The idea came about due to my wife’s disdain for gambling and her apathy towards Vegas itself.

A big thanks to listener Corey for his suggestions on keeping apathetic Vegas partners happy (I’m paraphrasing):

1. Limo ride to/from airport.

2. Determine where they would most like to stay. A comfortable, nicer room can go a long way. myVegas makes these options more affordable (Bellagio, Monte Carlo, Mandalay Bay).

3. Go when the pools are open. This is typically between early March and October.

4. See if there may be a game he/she may enjoy. Think simple, like roulette or video poker.

5. Get them to a spa. While can be somewhat costly, it will free up quite a bit of time for you to gamble on your own.

6. Have a fancy dinner. It doesn’t have to be incredibly pricey or upscale, but there are a plethora of non-fast-food options. Dress up for some added flair.

Great suggestions from Corey and I echo all of them. I also expand on some of these in the show.

About the new intro/outro music:

The song featured at the beginning and end of this episode comes courtesy of the Jackson family and my late uncle, Deon Jackson. A Chicago native by way of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Deon made his mark in the music world with the hit single, “Love Makes the World Go Round”, which hit no. 11 on the US Pop Singles chart in 1966. The song on this show is “Come Back Baby” from his Golden Classics album. After his career in music, Deon settled in the Chicago area as an educator, often sharing his talents and stories with his students. Like us, he was Vegas fan and would have been a perfect lounge act at any resort.

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Feature image: Oshea’s interior (December 2014)





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