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Episode #19 – Vegas Sportsbook Tips

As Las Vegas is the gambling mecca of the United States, it only makes sense to house some of the finest places to make your wagers. Whether it’s the sheer expanse of the Westgate Superbook or the full service of Legasse Stadium, regardless of your taste, you’ll probably be able to find at least one place you’d feel comfortable making a wager or two.

This episode has come about for two main reasons. 1. I recieved an email from listener Brooke wondering about the best sportsbooks for obtaining comped drinks. 2. Now, while I am one of the leading experts of all things sports and gambling. For example, my typical bet involves me heading to the counter and saying, I’d like to wager $10 on the best team. But, because I’m humble, I enlisted help from a trusted source. I reached out to Tom Lorenzo, publisher of the Las Vegas sports book blog, the Vegas Parlay.

Today we are not talking about the best sportsbooks in general. The Mirage, with its Interactive Pro Tables, and the Venetian, with its plentiful and massive screens, topped Vegas Chatters 2014 best of list.

On this show though, I care about value. Of course, I don’t mean when it comes to odds, as those will be consistent throughout. What I and Brooke and I’m sure most of you are concerned with, are free drinks.

Tom pointed me to two of his posts which detail not only the best spots to get comped drinks, but also how to go about getting them:

Which Vegas Sportsbooks are Best for Free Drinks?

7 Tips for Getting free Drinks at the Sportsbook


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