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Your Favorites – Corey

Name: Corey

Favorite hotel:

Aria, seconded by Wynn. I like clean and modern look and feel of Aria. The automatic curtains never get old.

Favorite casino:

Mirage. Love the history of the Mirage. The long term dealers there have the best stories. I also like the mix of serious gamblers and tourists just looking to have fun. I want to love the downtown casinos, but can’t seem to get past the low ceilings, smokiness and stale beer smell.

Favorite restaurant: Craftsteak

Go to game:

Video poker. Can sit for hours. Bartop VP is great for comped drinks and people watching. The back side of the sportsbook bar at Aria is always quiet, but may have implemented a 1 drink per 30 minute rule. Though, not sure how well that’s enforced.

Vegas cocktail of choice:

Moscow mules, but typically bottled beer. Bottled beer helps me to control how much I’m drinking as compared to mixed drinks (in both directions). Sometimes I’m looking to get drunker than others.

What is your favorite Vegas memory to date:

Within the first couple hours of a trip, I, as the shooter, hit a $5 5 point fire bet at Flamingo for $1250 (plus all the profits from hitting those points). Was able to play with house money from very beginning of the trip. I remember when I hit that 5th point, I jumped into the air and nearly knocked over the cocktail waitress’ tray full of drinks. She was not amused.

Any tips for other Vegas fans?

Don’t pre-buy groupons or other deals unless you’re sure you will be in that area. Too many people buy buy one-get one coupons for a place that is going to take them way out of their way, just to save $10. Generally, don’t over plan with firm commitments, like shows. Have a couple landmark events, then just relax and enjoy the trip. It can be exhausting running all over town, and cab fares can add up.

Thanks to Corey for the great tips. If you’d like to take the survey and share your opinion, shoot me an email at!

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