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#VIMFP Trip Checklist

With my trip fast approaching, I, like many Vegas fanatics, have been putting my trip checklist together. There are a certain number of things I’d like to see and do on this trip- a trip already packed with scheduled events. In the show following my return, I’ll examine how many of these activities I was able to check off:

  • Grab an El Heffe at Banger Brewing ($5 during happy hour)
  • Play some VP at Boar’s Head in Main Street Station ($60)
  • “Tiki Run”- drinks at Frankie’s and Golden Tiki ($50) *
  • Morning steam room at Golden Nugget ($25)
  • Steak at anywhere ($80)
  • Limit poker at Golden Nugget ($60)
  • Bet on each NFL game on Sunday ($80)
  • Craps at Luxor with YCBT ($200) **
  • $5 Baccarat at El Cortez ($100)
  • Late night tradition of a burger and a milkshake ($15)
  • Pizza Lotto at El Cortez ($12 with Groupon)
  • Not crying in public ($0)

Trip total: $687 if assuming 100% gambling loss. Which, let’s be honest, is a likelihood.

*This is happening. On Saturday, meet at The D Lyft/Uber pickup area at 2:30 if you’d like to join.

** This is also happening. Sunday at 8pm, we have a private craps table reserved for us!

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