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Trip Report: VIMFP

It was an absolute blast of a trip. Big thanks to Chuck and Hunter and the Vegas Tripping gang for all they did to make the weekend a success.



  • Flew from DTW via Delta and sat next to a fellow VIMFPer!
  • For Uber/Lyft pick-up at LAS, terminal 3 is less crowded
  • Stayed one night at the El Cortez Cabana Suites
  • Check-in is at El Cortez, but you can check out in the Cabana Suites lobby
  • Beautiful lobby and great service- 24/7 lobby attendant and security
  • Room was small and showing some wear, but still comfortable
  • Bathroom, albeit tiny, was well designed aesthetically
  • Got Pizza Rock for a light snack- Red Bull and pizza slice for $8
  • A little VP at the D’s Longbar
  • A lot of VP to round out the night at the Parlour Bar at El Cortez
Cabana Suites- great for practicing meteorologists.
Cabana Suites- great for practicing meteorologists.


  • Morning walk up and down Fremont St.
  • Grabbed a coffee and bagel from Fremont’s Dunkin Donuts
  • Played Supertimes VP at El Cortez – low limits and a ton of fun
  • Checked out of El Co and made my way to the D
  • Lunch at Le Thai with Taylor and Tara
  • Le Thai is absolutely delicious- a must visit if you’re downtown
  • Went to Golden Gate for the ice breaker and YCBT craps sessions
  • Paraded down to the D’s Vue Bar for more merriment
  • Some random VP play while the events were taking place
  • Met my sister at Nacho Daddy- this may be blasphemous, but I found it good, but not great
  • Was convinced by Scott and my sister to partake in a “scorpion shot”- quite an experience!
  • Saw the Sublime with Rome concert thanks to the generosity of the D team



  • A couple spa cycles at Golden Nugget to start the day
  • Breakfast at the D Grill – I had a $5 off coupon with the room reservation
  • You can order it for take out, but you have to be seated first
  • Quickly ate at a bar top so I could watch tv and promptly played more VP at the Vue Bar
  • Continued tour of Downtown- spent a lot more time at the California
  • I may or may not have grabbed another slice at Pizza Rock for lunch
  • Tiki run! First, a small group gathered at Frankie’s, then we shot over to Golden Tiki for a few more drinks. I recommend making a two-stop tiki run if you’re ever interested.
  • Back in time for the slot tournament. I came not even close to winning, but I had never been in one of these before. So a Vegas bucket list item has been checked off.
  • Dinner with Alastair at Binion’s Cafe- basic food with prompt service
  • Main event in the D Showroom- the performances were great and it was really cool to see people you listen to in person.
  • A quick and terrible craps session at Downtown Grand followed by some VP
The D room.
The D room.


  • Return visit to Dunkin Donuts – I don’t need a big breakfast and would rather slowly slip coffee and slowly play VP. A good start to the day for me.
  • Made my bets via the DTG kiosk – no one there with about 2 hours to game time
  • Met up with Taylor at the Cal sportsbook to watch the early games
  • Really nice, recently renovated space with a full bar in the book
  • Went to root on the players in the “Hangover Cup Casino Challenge” at Golden Gate
  • Showtime at the D! All the shows on Sunday did so well. Tons of laughs, a few tears (mostly me backstage), but just a fantastic time.
  • Check out at the D, off to Harrah’s for the night
  • Harrah’s rooms were surprisingly decent. Much better than what I was expecting. I’ve turned into a Harrah’s fan.
  • Out to Summerlin for dinner to try and be a good uncle
  • Epic craps session at the Luxor. Huge thank you to Mike Patton for reserving tables and making sure everyone was comfortable.
  • Each table hit the “All” bet! It’s a terrible bet based on the house edge, but really fun. Especially when everyone at the table is on it.
Full table bonus payouts at Luxor.
Full table bonus payouts at Luxor.


  • Quick cup of coffee then off to Paris for Eric and Iana’s vow renewal!
  • Back to Harrah’s to check out, only to realize I had more time than I thought
  • Sat at the VP bar in Fulton’s Food Court
  • You can order food right from the bar
  • Full breakfast and VP? It’s my new favorite thing.
  • My last session for the trip and I finally hit a hand
Finally a decent hand!
Finally a decent hand!

And that is that. So much fun. Every Vegas or gambling obsessive should try a trip like this- meeting up with other people who “get” it.


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