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Episode #66 – Listener Questions

In this episode, I answer some questions I’ve received from listeners and visitors to the site. I’d love to hear your suggestions as well!

Here we go:

We have a group of 8 friends all in our low 30s looking for the best place to watch the Super Bowl in Feb. 2017. We have our airfare and hotel booked but we are lost on this. If it was summer, we would love the idea of a cabana rental at Downtown Grand. Do you have any ideas like that for the super bowl?

The cabanas at DTG are nice, but they don’t have TVs. At least, they didn’t when I was there on my last few trips.

I think your best bet is going to be reserving spots at any of the “Big Game” parties at the various casinos. I know The D has one that gets good reviews. If it were me, I’d look at the normally underpopulated casinos. SLS comes to mind specifically because last year they had booth reservations for 4 for $500, but it included food and beverage credit, which is a pretty good deal.

It may be worth an Uber ride to hike it to one of the off-Strip locales. Every bar in Vegas is going to have something going on. You may just want to pick your favorite Vegas haunt, then plan on purchasing a ticket for their party. 

Be sure to follow Sportsbook Tom on Twitter and his blog as I know he’ll be doling out a lot more information as it gets closer.

We have rented a car for our second day of the trip, although a friend wanted to buy a new car being there because he found about this new company that helps getting the car you want, he found the info in this site The plan is to drive to Red Rock Casino to check it out/have some breakfast (again thanks to your listener suggestion), then tour around Red Rock on route 159, then head to South Point Casino, then to Henderson to check out the booze district and Frankie’s Tiki Room, then back to Fremont. You have any recommendations to check out along the 159-160 loop route, and is there any point to even checking out South Point, perhaps skip it and just go to Henderson?

This sounds like a great trip. As a VP fan, South Point is definitely worth a stop. With a car, though, it may be worth it to check out more of the off-Strip locations and see if they suit you for a future stay. Most of us are downtown/Strip dwellers, but it may behoove us to give these resorts a chance, especially as decent gaming and offers dry up in the tourist areas. I’m thinking of places like Red Rock, GVR, The Orleans, South Point, or even the Palms. Maybe not for the full stay, but just a part of the trip.

I was curious how much you spent on each session of VP. I just saw your budget from Checklist post.

I’ll typically buy in with around $60. I’d like to not lose it all, but I’ve found that $60 allows me to endure some of the volatility and have a bit of a longer session. If I’m just looking to snag a drink, I’ll just put in $20 and play it out.

Why don’t you get off your ass and do something around the house for once?

Honey, please stop emailing my podcast account.

Referencing the “$100 a Day” post: I love Shoot to Win Craps and played it a lot at Casino Royale last time because of the low limits. $1 minimum at Aria? Really?! I know this episode is 5 months old. Any idea if it’s still $1 minimum?

I believe the last time I was there it was $3. (July) Maybe the $1 minimum was an anomaly, but it was quite a sight to see! Even at $5, it’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful casino on the cheap. It can pay to walk around a bit. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by the limits you find. On a recent trip, Monte Carlo craps tables were always $10 and up, yet I found, on one day, a $5 table at Caesars.

Referencing the “Sportsbetting Kiosk” post: A buddy of mine told me the best way to get free drinks in Atlantic City was to make cheap bets on horses in the sports book. It worked for me back in 2013-14 at Borgata, but I haven’t been back since to try it out. Do they give you drink tickets when you make cheap bets in the sports books in Vegas? If so, do you get drink tickets when using the kiosk?

It depends on the book. Some are more generous than others. Leaving a tip will sometimes seal the deal, but it depends. You won’t get drinks when using the kiosks, which is one of its downfalls. But, on game day, many places offer drink deals, which can be about the same as a modest tip anyway.

Which sportsbook do you feel has the coziest and funnest environment to spend an entire day at?

This is another question in which I’ll suggest heading off-Strip. Both Sportsbook Tom and I agreed that South Point is a good option, especially if you’re betting on horses. Westgate, as always, is the gold standard of robust sportsbooks. Though, Planet Hollywood has been getting some love lately not just from Tom, but others online as well. PH puts you center Strip in case you wanted to break away for a bit.

You’re due for an update of your “Best Places to Play Craps” piece. Where would you say is your favorite place to play right now?

Right now, if I’m on the Strip, I enjoy Cromwell. I really enjoy the vibe of casino. You can usually find a $5 table, surprisingly, and they have a great cocktail bar in Bound if you’re looking to take a break. I’ve also been a fan of Luxor recently simply because of the service. The dealers are fun and I rarely have trouble finding a cheap table.

Where should I go for great craft beer?

Banger Brewing gets the top spot from me. Get their all you can drink pass with in and out privileges, so you can enjoy a full day downtown while drinking on the cheap. Other good options include Triple 7 at Main Street Station and Ellis Island, just off-Strip.

Any place for $3 gaming?

The Fremont is still offering both $3 craps and blackjack. The promotion used to run perpetually, but is now advertised as being offered only at “select times”. Given how busy those tables can be, early to late morning is the best time to try to squeeze a session in.

If you had to pick one bar, one restaurant, one casino for the duration of your entire stay, which of each would you choose?

If I can’t go anywhere else besides these three places, I’d choose Mandarin Bar as my go-to spot for libations. The drinks are ok, but it’s the view that’s something else. You’re not looking down on the Strip, rather you feel like you’re right in the middle of it. It’s hard to describe. But, the bar has a really cool vibe that I quite enjoy.

As for the restaurant, I’m going to answer as if it’s limited to dinner. Not enough places offer all three meals unless we’re looking at buffets. I’d probably choose a steakhouse. Maybe SW at Wynn? A place with an expansive menu would be a must.

Casino is tough. I’d lean toward Cromwell, but it’s rather small if it was to be my only casino for the trip. While it’s not a good low roller response, I’d choose Bellagio. The limits are not low, the VP odds are terrible, but I love that damn place. I’d likely spend much of my time in the poker room. It’s been a while. Thinking about it, Planet Hollywood would probably be my second choice.

And that’s going to do it. If you have any questions or would like to give feedback, please reach out. As always, I appreciate you listening and supporting the show. 

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