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Tour the Strip Between Trips

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to scratch you Vegas itch between trips. Disclaimer: coming back from Vegas with a random itch is something you should get checked out. Anyway, I’ll scour message boards, blogs, and travel search engines taking in random tidbits to supplement an already robust catalog of useless knowledge. Few things replace the joy of being actually able to plan the next visit.

Well, I found a new, to me at least, time waster engagement tool for our favorite city: Google Earth. Best used in the Chrome browser, Google Earth allows you to stroll the Strip and Downtown from as close or far as you want.

Recent updates include information cards with suggested exploration spots. You can toggle between 2D and 3D, which is essentially overhead and street view. To change your view angle, hold down the shift key and move and press your mouse in the preferred direction.

Great hotel or the greatest hotel?

It’s a fun way to see the city from new angles and explore personal, uncharted territory. I even used it to scope out different pool complexes. I didn’t really need anything else to keep my Vegas attention occupied, but I’m sure glad I found it.

What are your go-to’s when you’re away from Vegas?

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