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A Peek Inside BLVD Pool at the Cosmopolitan

As I’ve stated in the past and will further detail in the next episode of the podcast, upgrading your pool day with a cabana is not only a fun way to spend an afternoon, but can be economical as well. Much of the cabana experience hinges on the location relative to the pool and the service of your host. I found that the service at Cosmopolitan’s BLVD Pool was great, but some of their cabana locations are underwhelming.

BLVD Pool has two sets of cabanas. There are a handful that line the pool. These, of course, are the prime suites and daybeds. However, there are a few inexpensive options on the second level. They do provide much-needed shade, but unfortunately require a short stroll to get to both the pool and bathrooms.

The cabanas themselves aren’t exactly roomy either. Each upper-level cabana has a small couch, table, refrigerator, and tv. Even though they’re somewhat tight, if you have a few friends looking to catch a game outside, these could be a good option. BLVD boasts one major bright spot: you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pool view.

In July 2016, I was quoted the following prices for their cabanas:

Pool level super cabana: 16 guests for $1,150 F&B minimum. This is essentially a large daybed mattress with six loungers around it.

Pool level cabana: 8 guests for $600 F&B minimum. Four loungers included.

Upper-level premium cabana: 8 guests for $400 F&B minimum. Two loungers and a rear patio area.

Upper-level cabana: 8 guests for $300 F&B minimum. Two loungers. These are the cabanas pictured.

My group of 16 opted for two upper-level cabanas. We simply requested them to be next to each other. Most pool concierges will have no problem with this request as long as there is availability. The walk down to the pool area wasn’t a big deal, but depending on the size of your group, it’ll likely be worth it to grab a poolside cabana. If you have eight people, you’ll have no problem hitting the F&B minimum anyway, so it likely won’t affect your final bill much, if at all. For instance, our total bill was close to $1600. The minimum we had to hit was $600 for the two cabanas. Knowing this would likely be the case, we tried booking two spots on the lower level, but they were already reserved.

It’s safe to assume about $100 per person for F&B spend for the day. This all depends on personal consumption, but it’s a good starting point when comparing options. Note that the prices you’ll be quoted when reserving do not include automatic gratuity (I’ve seen between 18 – 21%) or tax. The numbers above are, again, from last summer and for a mid-week rental. Cabana prices fluctuate based on demand.

I’ll be adding more pool information, tips, and suggestions in the coming weeks. If you have any pointers or thoughts, don’t hesitate to share!

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