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TFB #19 – Being Your Own Elite with the Milenomics Team

In this episode, I’m joined by Sam and Robert who form the Milenomics team. They teach us how to use points and miles to take the trips we want, not the trips our available points and miles might otherwise dictate.

Milenomics is about helping you becoming strategic with your earning and burning of points and miles. Robert and Sam help readers and listeners establish a practical approach to this fun and valuable hobby. Their goal is to help you have the trip you want at an affordable price by crafting your own best fit solution to travel plans.

We structure our conversation around some of the major tenets of the Milenomics way:

Be your own elite – Taking the flights that make the most sense for you

Proper demand schedule – Focusing in and understanding the lead time necessary to be flexible with a points and miles approach

Take the trips you want to take – Playing the points and miles game may cause us to modify travel plans based on

Making irrational decisions – Free isn’t necessarily better than a discount if you’re not traveling the way you want

Liquidation is everything – Knowing how you’re going to make use of credits and vouchers ahead of time is important to realize value

Thanks for listening to the show. Be sure to check out the Milenomics podcast to hear more from Sam and Robert. Safe Travels. Be good to each other.

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