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TFB #18 – Louisville

In this episode, I chat with Tony Synder of Vice Lounge Online fame as he helps me plan my upcoming trip to Louisville. Tony, a fellow bourbon buddy, has plenty of great tips to get the most out of a 48-hour stay in bourbon country.

Some points from the show:

Tony’s tips for distilleries:

If you’re a bourbon fan, seek out the brands you already enjoy as you’ll appreciate them that much more. Be prepared for a journey because it can take 45 minutes to an hour to get to one from another. Both Maker’s Mark and Woodford Reserve tours are well worth the drive.

Tony also shares his tips for tasting and enjoying every last drop of our favorite brown spirit.  I’m eager to try Marker’s Mark’s unaged bourbon, White Dog. I’m not a fan of young bourbon’s, but “White Dog” was my nickname in high school, so I feel a connection to it.

To expand your spirit education, be sure to check out both the Vice Lounge Online and the Bourbon and Branch podcasts. If you have any Lousivlle tips, please share! Thanks for listening. Safe travels. Be good to each other.


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