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TFB # 16: Airbnb

In this episode, I’m joined by friends Cassie and Craig. They discuss their Airbnb experiences and try to convince me to take the plunge.

Some of their strong arguments in Airbnb’s favor:

  • Usually much cheaper than a hotel if you have to pay with cash
  • Renting large homes is great for traveling with a group
  • Having a full kitchen can be a great money saver
  • A personal touch with certain, knowledgeable owners

Here are a few of their tips:

  • Look for places with plenty of reviews
  • Know what features are non-negotiable and use filters to search appropriately
  • Make sure communication is open and clear with your host

Here’s what some of you TFB friends say:

How about you? Have any tips or experiences with Airbnb to share?

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