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TFB # 15 – Squabbles and Segments

It’s a brand new episode of the TFB podcast and I debut two new segments: “HT” of the week and “Y Seat” of the week. I explain both in the show.

I’m happy to announce that my first ever HT of the Week is the venerable Eric Rosenthal from the Vegas Confessions Podcast. He made the community proud on two separate episodes of the Gambling With An Edge Podcast, discussing arbitrage opportunities in the casino and travel loyalty game. Listen to the full episode to hear who is sitting in economy this week. Tsk tsk.

I’m joined in episode 15 by Kyle, one of the cohosts of the Due for a Win Podcast. Kyle dropped by to discuss why he thinks cash is king and that simple, boring cashback cards should not be overlooked in the points and miles world.

I also give one of my favorite travel wins and explain the picture above and the fun nuptials behind it.

Thanks for listening! Safe travels. Be good to each other.

Travel Fanboy

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