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Episode #25 – Slot Golf

In this episode I talk about, among other things, how to play slot golf. It’s an inexpensive and entertaining way to tour the Strip or Fremont St. Here are the basic rules:

  • Each player provides an ante or buy-in to be used collectively by the group
  • At each casino or “hole” a player will choose a slot or electronic game
  • The number of spins required for a player to win any amount of credits is their score. 4 spins = a score of 4
  • Each player goes one at a time on the same machine
  • Tabulate the scores and head to the next hole

My Tips:

  • You can play as many holes as you want
  • A great game to play Downtown with so many casinos is such close proximity
  • A set buy-in means you can share the winnings, if there are any, with the group when the game concludes
  • To disincentivize losing, the player with the worst score can buy drinks when the game concludes

Do you have any other games or entertaining antics you partake in when you visit Vegas? Be sure to let me know!

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