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Rocketmiles Helps You Earn Airline Miles for your Hotel Stay

If you’re a “miles” hoarder or looking for an easy way to build points to save for a much needed getaway, you may want to check out the Chicago-based RocketMiles.

The site works like any other travel search engine, with the exception that it allows you to automatically choose an airline rewards program to attach to your stay. Based on the hotel and days chosen, points will automatically be added to your rewards account when your stay is completed. RocketMiles guarantees at least 1000 miles/points per night, but there are quite a few properties that offer more than that. You’re also allowed to book rooms for other people to earn points for yourself. You’ll simply list their name as the primary guest, but book the stay using your program number.

I that find to be a nice option. Reason being, my travel rewards accounts usually have far more points than my spouse. So, on a typically trip, my end will be paid for via points, but I still have to pay out-of-pocket for my wife. Being able to pick and choose between rewards accounts with bookings on RocketMiles will allow us to make our rewards accounts more equitable without doing any extra work.

Now, because RocketMiles is still new, founded 2012, the city and hotel options are somewhat limited. Property choices in particular locations are going to vary by date. It does seem as if the team is active in expanding existing and acquiring new partners.

There are no extra fees you have to pay by booking and many of the reservations are refundable. RocketMiles does not, however, have a best rate guarantee. Although, I’ve found that the rates are not far off what other sites offer. That being said, it’s still a good idea to shop around to see if there is any disparity between booking companies.

These screen grabs are from their media kit and not from my site use, but there’s no discernible difference. You can see that the interface is clean and the site is easy to navigate:

rocketmiles hotel list


Like any other booking engine, you’re able to choose between room and bedding options:

rocketmiles hotel

They also have a mobile app (iOS only for now), so you can peruse on a whim if you start daydreaming about your next Vegas getaway:

rocketmiles app

Sign up is a breeze and it’s really easy to attach all your necessary rewards accounts. While the city and hotel options are still limited and there is no “best rate guarantee”, RocketMiles does seem like like a viable way to quickly accumulate rewards points and help you get back to Vegas that much sooner. Listener John has had quite a bit of success booking through RocketMiles and has racked up quite a few points. I believe he said he’s planning to treat everyone to a free Vegas flight. Maybe I’m misquoting him.

If you use my referral link to sign up, you and I get an additional 1,000 miles when you make your first booking!

Vegas Fanboy RocketMiles referral link


If you’ve had some success with RocketMiles or have any criticisms, feel free to leave them in the comments section. Also, if you know of any rewards programs you think others could benefit from, please let me know!


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