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Casino Rewards Improvements Part 2 – It’s all About the Tangibles

In part one, I brought up the idea that most malaysia online live casino rewards programs have very few levels in relation to the sheer number of players. We all have different budgets and spending habits when it comes to gambling. What Casinos have ultimately done is limit the number of players they actually incentivize. If there are only four particular levels players can achieve, then the only gamblers incentivized to play more, outside of those that gain personal utility from playing the games, are the ones somewhat close to achieving that next level – the fringe players. If I’m no where near obtaining Diamond or Gold status, then there is no point for me to stretch my gambling budget outside of the norm, as there is a limited benefit to doing so. However, if casinos were to add more levels, adding benefits marginally, they could, theoretically, incentive more and more players exponentially.

Another way to incentivize guests and potentially build more brand loyalty, is by increasing the visibility and ease of acquiring rewards through the program. Social, online gaming is becoming more and more popular, even with the older crowd and there is a lot that casinos can garner from their success. One of the great aspects of the myVegas experience is the ease with which a player can browse available rewards. Then, couple that with the ease of redemption, and you have a solid model that can be replicated in a brick and mortar setting. I detailed how easy it was for me to redeem a myVegas comped room over the phone in a previous post.

Granted, both Total Rewards and MLife both have rewards catalogs which allow you to redeem for particular products, which feature some nice items. However, the catalogs could be more prominently featured on their respective sites. I shouldn’t have to go through a convoluted process to be rewarded for the business I’ve given your company. These catalogs should be identified as an asset for the casino. Better products and rewards offer differentiation and an inducement to attract players.

A few of the rewards from the TR catalog.
A few of the rewards from the TR catalog.

I’m not saying that I mind being given a set of knives or a new steamer for being a loyal customer, but these catalogs don’t feature the tangibles that players truly desire: comps and amenities while in Las Vegas.

I want to redeem my credits for free rooms, free meals, and free play. If a property offered me an easy to use portal, which briefs me as to how many points I have and a precise number I need to gain to obtain a comp I desire, then that casino would have a loyal customer for life. It’s not a complicated thing, the mind of us Vegas gamblers. We want to play and be rewarded for being loyal. One way casinos can reward us is by offering an unambiguous system with an uncomplicated redemption process for rewards we actually desire.




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