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Mini Trip Report: Tim

You all know Tim from his insightful NFL picks on our weekly football post. He just came back from a Vegas trip with his wife and was nice enough to share a few quick thoughts:

My wife and I were very excited to be staying at the Bellagio. She is interested in high-end properties much more than i am, so staying there felt like a treat for the both of us.

I’ve got to say, we weren’t overly impressed. We had a lake-view-room and watching the fountains go was really cool, but something was off. It wasn’t an overly fancy or anything. There were a few little flaws in the bathroom that were minor eye sores, which kinda left me feeling slightly disappointed.

We liked the Bellagio pool, but we’re both in our 30’s and we had to be the youngest people there by a decade.

Our last stay was at the Aria, which we both felt was a nicer room. AND a better vibe for our age category.

We went downtown and played at the Golden Gate on your referral. We both liked it, though wished we would have gone to The D first. That’s a solid property. We liked that casino much more than Golden Gate. The dealers were good at both, but The D had a more comfortable feel to it for us.

One last remark: we played craps at Casino Royale. It was, by far, the most fun we had on the strip. It’s dated and aged, but the dealers were the most fun out of any place on the strip and the odds were the best.

Thanks for sharing, Tim! The D atmosphere certainly is hard to beat. Which casino do you all prefer? I’m a GG fan, but the Sigma Derby makes the D enticing. If you’d like share your thoughts or a trip report like Tim, shoot me an email!


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