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Episode #30 – Fight Weekend Trip Report

In this episode I discuss, among other things, my trip during the MayPac fight. Here’s a brief rundown:

The Leach

My modified intro is a reference to my recent spat with Las Vegas “journalist”, which is in quotes, Robin Leach. You see, the leech gave a favorable review of the failed Duck Commander Musical. I playfully chided Leach about this fact, but said nothing derogatory or offensive. I added documentation of this exchange on this episode’s blog post.  Of course, other people chimed in and gave their own comments about Leach which were less than flattering. Leach apparently, mistakenly thought I made the remarks, because the internet can be tricky at times, and tried to take me to task over my fictitious comments. He said that I am not funny. We kind of see eye to eye on that, actually. He also claimed that the comments he made up that I said  were “wholly and dangerously inaccurate” and then berated me for only having 300 followers. Because, that’s the kind of guy he is. He writes stories about shirtless Biebers and inebriated Khardashians.

He’s the type that actually thinks that the number of social media follows a person has is directly related to their worth. The notoriously thin skinned Leach scolds then blocks anyone that may even slightly disagree with him. It’s sort of a right-of-passage in the Vegas media field. I guess I’m happy to be a part of the club. What bothers me the most though, Leach, if you’re listening, is that I don’t need another person getting mad at me about things I never actually said. Ok? I already have a wife.

Let’s move on to the central theme of the show, which is a trip report:

Getting there:

-Our trip had been in the making for a long time. We booked our rooms in late January

– 3 nights at Golden Nugget for under $300

– Fight announced during my February trip caused airfare to skyrocket

– We had to be flexible getting there. Flew into LAX and rented a car via Costco Travel

– Car rental was under $80 including taxes and fees. Waived insurance with   a coupon we got from, reading this
private reg article helped us out filling in the registration. Our credit card also has out backs if all else fails.

– Traffic on I-15 was nonexistent, but a heavy police presence near Vegas

Friday (day)

– Golden Nugget Carson Tower room: old and dated

– I would stay in the Rush Tower if cost isn’t an issue

– Well tipped housekeeping never came on final day

– Towel spread on toilet? Is this common?


– Ate at Grotto: pizza and beer = hard to mess up

– Trip to the D to play some Sigma Derby

– Hard to have more fun for $20 as cocktails were frequent

– Took a trip to see my nephew’s tee ball game

Friday (night)

– Watched the Blackhawks at Cadillac sports bar (Golden Nugget)

– Cadillac the best option for this at GN. Food and drink = average

– Back to the D to grab drinks at Longbar

– Headed to Downtown Grand to gamble

– Played some craps, lost $100

– Played some VP, gained $100

– Furnace at DTG has Double Double Bonus Progressive, which is my new favorite

– Check out Vice Lounge Online’s recent episode which discusses the ethics of “holding” on a VP progressive.

– DTG is a good spot on busy weekends because it’s rarely, if ever, busy

– Dealers at DTG are boring, one is downright creepy

– Bartenders at Furnace are great.

– 2:30 am visit to Cafe Cortez at El Cortez. The food is what you’d expect: not great, not bad.

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