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Luxor Tower Room: Review

I previously reviewed the Luxor hotel and casino from a previous trip. I found the basic, Pyramid rooms to be serviceable, but in need of updating. For my June ’17 trip, my comped room offer was for a Tower room. It’s a minor upgrade, but worth the additional space and more polished amenities.

For starters, you don’t have to take the ridiculous inclinator up to your room. One issue with the Pyramid is that you may have to take quite a journey if your room is at an awkward midway point between the serviceable elevators.  The limited size of the East and West Towers ensure your walk from the front desk is minimal.

Tower rooms can be had for as little as an additional $10 a night. While the rooms aren’t going to blow anyone away, I found them to be a big improvement over their Pyramid counterparts.

The bathroom is bigger with the tub addition. The furniture, while lacking the hieroglyphic motif, showed far less wear than other Luxor rooms I’ve had.

There’s not much more to the rooms than what the pictures display. The beds are comfortable enough. Water pressure was fine. The tv worked. Ok. I think that about sums it up.

I think anything under an additional $20 a night makes this a worthwhile upgrade. The Luxor has remained a favorite property of mine because I’ve found the service to be great and its prices to be consistently reasonable. Its location can be a challenge, but with Lyft and Uber’s proliferation, this has become less of a problem for me. The Luxor could be a good use of some MyVegas comp room rewards with an optional Tower room upgrade on arrival.

Ever stay at the Luxor? What are your thoughts?

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