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Greene St. Kitchen | Palms Las Vegas: Review

It’s an eccentric, fun restaurant- a perfect representation of the current Palms transition. Greene St. Kitchen, the graffiti-clad Asian fusion “speakeasy” is so good that it may motivate even the most location-dependent Vegas fans to relocate off-Strip.

My visit to Greene St. Kitchen came as a matter of convenience. I was meeting my sister and Palms is nicely situated. It’s easy to get to and from for locals, but still offers a nice taste of the Vegas allure us visitors enjoy. Palms is quietly making moves right now. It’s a Strip-like resort with much more approachable games, the video poker with generous payables being chief among them. But it’s the expanding food scene that is making the most noise right now and Greene St. Kitchen may be the jewel.

Open happiness

To find this speakeasy of sorts, simply look for a black arch subtly baring the restaurant’s name. Through that passage, you’ll find an oversized, cartoonish cola vending machine. Pull it back, and you’re in the SoHo inspired Greene St. Kitchen.

Banksy Art Greene St. Kitchen
Graffiti is a crime

A panel from the popular stencil artist, Banksy, clings to the wall just off the hostess’ stand. A large Big Boy figurine watches over the bar, which looks strikingly like a bird cage. It’s the most awkward element of the restaurant- the gold beams extend down to the bar top, creating an odd barrier between the bartender and patrons. The main dining room, where the urban art motif carries through, is dimly lit and expansive.

Greene St Kitchen Dining Room
Good thing we had a reservation

Greene St. Kitchen’s menu is self-described Asian fusion, but it’s sprinkled with classic surf and turf options. We were feeling adventurous, so we had our waitress guide our selections. She suggested the Philly Cheese Steak Eggrolls. They are exactly what you think they’d be- delicious, with quality beef, onions, and gooey cheese.

Philly cheese Steak rools Greene St Kitchen
A classic Philadelphia-Asian fusion

We followed that up with the vegetarian hot rocks dish. I’m a big fan of hot rocks. They make me feel like I contributed something to the meal, even if, in this case, it was merely heating up the thinly sliced mushrooms they elegantly plated for us. We rounded out our meal with a platter of fresh oysters, which were as good as I’ve ever had in Vegas, along with some sashimi.

The bird cage, minus Agador Spartacus

Prices are what you can expect for a slightly upscale and hip restaurant like Greene St. And while the shared plates, which we pretty much stuck to, range from $12 to $22, the food was worth every penny. Their specialty cocktails are similarly priced, but beer drinkers can rejoice, as they have a six-pack special for $10. I didn’t get a glimpse of this in person and forgot to ask about specifics, but no matter the beer, 6 for $10 is a steal in Vegas.

It wasn’t crowded during our early Sunday evening visit. But I don’t suspect Greene St. will remain a secret for long. I’d get here before the masses find it. Don’t worry, this is one speakeasy that isn’t tough to find.

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