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Carousel Bar: New Orleans

Just off the lobby of the Hotel Monteleone is one of the more famous, albeit gimmicky, hotel bars in the country, Carousel Bar. While bereft of saddled mammalian for your squiffy self, the ornate chairs and bar top actually do spin, providing a quirky drinking experience only a place like New Orleans could concoct.

The carousel itself is striking and gimmick aside, the bar could stand alone for its reasonably priced, yet professionallyal constructed cocktails. I’d stick with one of the classics. A Sazerac, of course, is my go to. But the house created Vieux Carre, is quite good as well.

Few places in any city are truly a “must see”, but Carousel Bar is peculiar enough that it warrants a visit on a first trip to New Orleans. Spots at the actual carousel can be hard to come by, with well timed happenstance being the only way to truly secure a seat. There’s still plenty of seating in the lounge, where you can take in some live music.

In city loaded with beautiful and adept hotel bars, Carousel may be the best among them. It’s quintessentially New Orleans.

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