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For the Love of the “Horns”

Editor’s note: I’ve posted many articles about low roller gaming options around Las Vegas. Facebook group member, Doug, wanted to share a couple favorite spots of his that I never touched on. Below are his thoughts on each of the “horns”. It certainly sounds like they’re worth checking out. Thanks, Doug!

The Bighorn and Longhorn Casinos are both off-strip dive casino properties with restaurants and lodging. Longhorn is located by the Eastside Cannery Casino and Bighorn is in North Vegas. I would recommend going to either of their casinos for one reason only and that is to play blackjack. They each have two or three tables. Bighorn always has 1 table of $2 minimum and $100 maximum and another table of $5 min/$100 max and Longhorn has $3 minimum/$100 max and $5 min/$100 max. These are probably not ideal spots for high rollers.

The last time I was at Bighorn, I saw a guy who was very drunk, max betting by the end and they only had $25 (green chips). He cleared out their whole rack and they had to bring a refill, but they did not have any black chips or higher! He probably tipped about $250 in 90 minutes. The dealers are usually new dealers as is probably common at the off-strip places.

The lodging doesn’t look like it is worth a shot. If you have the American Casino Guide, you can find coupons for both I think. Also, if you buy a sandwich or join the players club, they will give you a free Ace with a $5 bet. The best thing though is their awesome rules for blackjack where you can double down on your first two or three cards, unlimited splits (except Aces and only double down on first two cards after split), 3/2 blackjacks, and they offer surrender. It is a great place to try out betting systems or just play crazy. I split tens versus a 5 or 6 one time there and split 6 times! Both casinos also have old slot machines and they have a very locals only vibe. They also have a William Hill Sports Book there.

– Doug G.

Feature image courtesy of Longhorn Hotel and Casino.

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