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This is the Vegas You’re Looking For

Many Vegas obsessives pine for a Vegas of the past. A time in which the size of your bankroll didn’t seem to matter, you’d always be treated to a fair shake and made to feel welcome. That Vegas still exists just a stone’s throw from the Strip: Ellis Island.

Ellis Island is an absolute gem for the budget conscious Vegas visitor. The hotel space is getting quite a facelift. The hotel rooms are being updated and the Front Yard, a new outdoor dining and entertainment venue, is under construction. While the physical space is starting to modernize, it’s the hospitality of the family-owned property that makes you feel like you’re in the Vegas you remember and love.

3:2 blackjack odds at a $5 table is just the beginning. The $7.99 steak special is often lauded as one of the best deals in town and there are a plethora of other promotions allowing guests to eat and drink on the cheap. Your player’s card will get you one of their beers, brewed in-house, for a mere $2.25 24/7. This makes EI a great place to start your day on the cheap or a spot to go when you’ve overextended your budget.

It’s the deals and, maybe, the karaoke that will get you in the door, but it’s that service that will keep you coming back. I was happy to hear from multiple people I’ve sent to Ellis Island about the great customer service. A few received phone calls for lunch or dinner offers while they were still on their trip, prompting a return the day after their initial visit. Of course, Ellis Island is getting return business out of it, so it’s a win for them as well, but, C’mon, nothing can make you feel like more of a rock star than a personal call and invitation to a casino. At Ellis Island, even a low roller can get red carpet treatment.

I’m just glad to see these Millennials aren’t on their phones…

The property is admittedly modest. You won’t be able to pamper yourself in a spa, ride a zip line over the roof, or stroll through the casino in a gondola. It’s simply a place to go for inexpensive gambling, underpriced meals, and friendly staff.

This may seem like a promoted post. I assure you, it’s not. I’ve received no compensation from Ellis Island for this or any other promotion. I simply appreciate a property that treats its guests and my friends well. If it’s been awhile since you’ve stopped by or need an extra boost to motivate you towards a first visit, let this be the catalyst. When you get there, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

But don’t just take my word for it:

All images courtesy of Ellis Island.

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