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My Favorite Spots for Video Poker Right Now

Inspired by a listener call on the half-of-an-award winning podcast, You Can Bet on That, I decided to compile a list of my favorite spots to sit and play a few hands of VP. Yeah, they may have finally (maybe) hit a royal before me, but they still deferred to me when asked for a few video poker suggestions. Well, as the sole proprietor of the other half of the award, I’m happy to oblige. Make sure to check VPFree2 for the best odds. Here are a few of my favorite places when accounting for odds, ambiance, and drinks:

The Strip:

Cosmopolitan (Chandelier Bar)

You won’t find the best odds here, but the cocktails and expedited service more than make up for it. It’s my well documented happy place.


A beautiful casino center Strip with plenty of games over 99.4%. Let the VP bring you there, stay for the $5 craps and fantastic cocktails at Bound.

Harrah’s (Fulton Street Food Hall)

This is a new find for me. The odds are poor and there is a light system, but being able to eat a full breakfast while playing VP just did something for me on my las trip.


Main Street Station (Boar’s Head Bar)

9-6 JOB at the 25 cent level and great craft beer. It’s no secret why this is a favorite VP spot among those in the know. In fact, MSS is your place if you’re looking for great gambling no matter your game.

Four Queens 

Four Queens is an underappreciated casino. There’s playable video poker throughout. My favorite places are near the Fremont Street Experience entrances. You’ll get your hands in without feeling like you’re missing any of the excitement.

El Cortez (Parlour Bar)

All the best games are on the floor, but Parlour Bar is a nice oasis in this old school joint. A cool lounge feel that brings me back to the Vegas we all fell in love with.


What about you? Have a favorite spot to pursue the elusive royal?

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