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Episode #67 – Stadium Gambling

In this episode, I discuss stadium gambling – why the casinos like it, why players may like it, and if it’ll become a mainstay. I get a little help from John Connelly, CEO of Interblock Gaming, and Jason Gregorec, CEO of Greektown Casino in Detroit.

Here are some truncated notes from the show:


  • Ideally, a great way to offer lower limits in high volume. This was mentioned in the live version of 88 Days to Macau and their discussion of baccarat table limits.
  • Typical versions you may have seen are single game stadiums.
  • New stadiums involve a multitude of games.
  • 48 stations in the arena at Greektown each with a 27 inch personal screen.
  • Players are able to jump back between games. Game timelines are scattered. A long wait between rolls in craps can give you time to make bets on the other games.
  • Craps and blackjack are the hardest to pair with other games- the betting is a bit more active.

Why do casinos like it?

  • It’s an intense display and fairly active, but without other players watching and potentially judging your bets, it offers an unintimidating way for novices to be introduced to gambling.
  • Jason Gregoric, CEO of Greektown Casino really likes that dealers can focus on, well, dealing and player interaction, not security.
  • Ideally, players will take their play to regular tables. This has been working at Greektown, as Jason Gregoric as seen.
  • It’s not a passive machine, like other electronic games. There’s opportunities for DJs and requires, obviously, live dealers when those games are going.
  • The stadiums are nimble, and can adapt to a variety of conditions and participants. 
  • While we may think this is solely a push for Millennials, Gregoric sees the arenas as a way to engage all age groups.

Why will players like it?

  • Usual arguments against electronic gambling will hold.
  • Accommodates groups with varying tastes and budgets.
  • Ideally, lower limits. Ideally…
  • From all I’ve seen, 3:2 payouts on all blackjack variants.

What I’d like to see:

  • Video poker, please!
  • Playing a few hands of decent VP between bubble craps rolls would be ideal.
  • I could get my craps fix while still pursuing my never ending journey to the Royal.

Listen to the full episode to hear my thoughts and those of Connelly and Gregorec on how it has been working in Greektown so far.

Feature photo courtesy of Synergy Table Games

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