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The D Las Vegas: Review

I like The D casino, but not in the way most people like it. The D is an absolute party all of the time, spare a few early morning hours. It’s unapologetically raucous with friendly, dancing dealers and good low rolling action. It’s just not my scene. I’m not a big party guy. However, the energy is infectious. What I like about The D is that other people love The D. It’s fun watching the pure excitement radiate from the craps tables.

If I’m in the casino, I prefer two places: the Longbar and the Sigma Derby machine. The Longbar is people watching at its finest. The certifiably long bar sits just off the casino’s entrance from the Fremont Street Experience and overlooks the first floor. Grab a drink, play a little video poker, and enjoy the show. I should note that you’ll find better video poker paytables upstairs at Vue Bar, but the people watching is far less enjoyable.

Vue Bar aside, a trip up to the second level of the casino is warranted if only for ultimate low roller play, Sigma Derby. I make it a point to introduce every new Vegas visitor to this machine. Free drinks with quarter play and a trip to gambling of days past- it doesn’t get much better than that for budget conscious Vegas fans.

These are D beds. (Best read in a French accent)

The rooms are pleasant compared to their competition on the rest of Fremont Street. Unfortunately, the party below can carry up into the rooms; it can be quite loud at night, depending on the floor and location. I’d bring earplugs if you’re not a night owl.

There are no major signs of wear, at least in the double queen high floor room I had. The window cling had seen better days, making for a slightly odd view, but it wasn’t a big deal for me. It was clean and comfortable, about all I’m hoping for downtown.

The bathroom is more of the same- simple and modern, but fresh. The semi-frameless glass shower screen is similar to that found at Downtown Grand. Apparently, this is a thing now- I had no idea.

The D hits it out of the park with their top and bottom tier dining options. Andiamo, a Detroit mainstay and second-floor steakhouse at the D, is highly rated and a favorite among frequent downtown visitors. If quantity is what you’re looking for, take a trip to another Detroit classic, American Coney Island, and load up on their popular late night snack, the coney dog. Fun fact, I’ve lived in Detroit for over three years now and have had three coneys since- oddly, they’ve all been eaten at The D. Other D restaurants include McDonald’s and the D Grill. I’d skip the former and visit the latter if only to use the coupon typically given at check-in. A better breakfast option is at the D’s sister hotel, Golden Gate, where you can get those delicious DuPar’s pancakes.

The pool isn’t really worth mentioning given its small size. If significant pool time is important, you’re best paying the daily fee at either Golden Nugget or Downtown Grand. Also, it seems most of the elevator issues that plagued the hotel have been fixed. The system may take some getting used to, but it’s much more efficient than before. You have to punch in your room number on a keypad, which then directs you to a corresponding elevator. You’ll see some confused faces on the new guests.

What stood out to me during my visit was that the service was exceptional. I was able to check-in a few hours early without a fee and every point of contact I had with hotel staff was great. From bartenders to cocktail waitresses to housekeeping, they were all on point.

The D isn’t my favorite place to stay or play downtown, but if you’re looking to make a little noise and be in the center of the action, it’s the place for you. Your room will be mere steps from one of the most rousing casinos in Vegas and a mass of other jubilant players.

Party Central
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TFB Takeaway

The center of the party downtown. Great bartenders, low limits, a decent room specs make this a real player in DTLV. Not for those looking for some peace and quiet.

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