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BurGR Review

Currently, famed hothead and chef, Gordon Ramsay, has three Las Vegas Strip restaurants: Steak, Pub, and BurGR. Surprisingly, the eateries have very mixed reviews. I’d expect more from a Micheline star chef. This leads me to believe that his Caesars partner restaurants receive little direct attention. If you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking for a high end chops, Steak is the place for you. Ramsay’s signature beef wellington is not to be missed and well worth the wait and price point. But, if you’re a Ramsay fan and not looking to clean out your change purse entirely, your two options are Pub or BurGR.

I think the 'GR' stands for 'Good Restaurant', but no one knows for sure. One of Vegas' enduring mysteries.
I think the ‘GR’ stands for ‘Good Restaurant’, but no one knows for sure. One of Vegas’ enduring mysteries.

I’ve eaten at both and if I had to choose only one, I’d go with BurGR. His Pub, which is in Caesars Palace, focuses on upscale pub fare, obviously stated I guess. When I visited in 2013, the service was spotty and the food underwhelming. Perhaps BurGR’s simplified menu allows for more consistent execution. Located near the entrance of Planet Hollywood, it has kind of a cafeteria-like feel to it. Perhaps this is because the restaurant partitions are fairly short, but it just doesn’t feel like a private restaurant experience. That, however, can be forgiven. What really maters is the food.

The burgers range from $14 to $16. You can get the standard ‘American Burger’, but that’s boring. Others have more flare. I opted for the ‘Farm Burger’. It was a perfectly cooked medium rare piece of beef topped with duck breast bacon, sharp cheddar, and a fried egg. I’m begging you, please don’t order your beef well done. If you do, you wont get the beautiful melting sensation expertly cooked beef has. My brother opted for the ‘Hell’s Kitchen Burger’ which featured asadero cheese (a first for us), jalapeños, avocado, and roasted tomato. His choice was as exquisite as mine. To complement the sodium, we opted for the sweet potato fries, which are topped with powdered sugar. These are a must and a great complement to the piquancy of the burgers. The sharable fries ran us $9 and came with a tasty jalapeño mayo dipping sauce.

The 'Farm Burger'
The ‘Farm Burger’

The menu also features a selection salads and hot dogs, but the burgers, obviously, take center stage. My wife opted for the soba noodle chicken salad. She’s a little more health conscious than I, but after looking at our decadent chuck she admitted she made a horrible mistake.

BurGR has an assortment of rotating beers. You’ll find a standard selection of domestics and imports. Service, much like at his Pub, is hit or miss. Our servers switched during our meal, which is always odd. Online reviews indicate that service is really the only restaurant inconsistency. Ramsay restaurants use the iPad menu system to add a hint of modernity, but it’s nothing special.

Ultimately, is it worth checking out? If you’re a Ramsay fan, I’d say so. If you like a good burger, absolutely. The ambiance leaves something to be desired, but it doesn’t stop me from adding this to my favorite cheap eats.

Have a favorite burger bar in Vegas? Please let me know. I’m always on the lookout!


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