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Your Favorites: Matt

Editor’s note: Yes! Another post in our series of “favorites”. I love hearing what others enjoy about Vegas, so I’ve appreciated all the submissions so far. Thanks to Matt for sharing his go-to spots and favorite memories. You may know Matt from his writing on If not, definitely check it out if you’re jonesing for more Vegas content. If you’d like to share your list of favorites, please contact me!

Name: Matt

Favorite Hotel: My favorite hotel that I’ve stayed at has got to be The Venetian. The rooms are huge, there’s a metric ton of bar and restaurant options on site, and their poker room is one of my favorites. I’m staying at Cosmo in January, which might take over as the #1 spot. Stay tuned!

Favorite Casino: This is tough, but I always seem to do well at Harrah’s, blackjack, craps, poker, it doesn’t matter. I always seem to run good at Harrah’s. Honorable mention goes to Wynn for the best looking Casino.

Favorite Restaurant: The best meal I’ve had in Vegas was the Eiffel Tower Restaurant by far. The girlfriend and I had a phenomenal anniversary dinner there overlooking the Bellagio fountains. The beef wellington is phenomenal.

Go to Game: Poker. I’m actually not awful if I settle in and play sober. Aria’s 1/3, Bellagio’s, & Venetian’s 1/2 are my favorite games to play and usually have a good mix of skill levels in there.   If I’m not in a poker mood (I.E. with friends who don’t want to sit at the same place for 5 hours) then its craps all the way. The YCBOT guys have gotten me hooked. I’m still waiting for 3 pressed hard 8’s to hit for me.

Cocktail of Choice:  The Sinatra Smash at Parasol Down. Simply can’t be beat, and the view of Wynn’s lake of dreams isn’t half bad. I’m also a big fan of The Chandelier bar, and the Laundry Room downtown for cocktails.

Favorite memory to date:  Going to Vegas a few years ago for my girlfriends 21st birthday. We had a group of about 20 of our close friends and it was phenomenal. Our group took over any place we went to and had tons of fun all weekend. At one point we had 1/2 the bar, and every spot at the Margaritaville craps table taken up. The flair bartenders there are top notch and we happened to hit a really hot roll on the table.

Tips for other Vegas Fans?

Stay the extra night. I used to be a weekend warrior, and I’ve found that staying one extra night (usually Sunday) does wonders for me. Also try something new. Don’t get married to your usual spots, go and explore everything Vegas has to offer!

Besides Vegas Fanboy, what other Vegas-related media to you consume? (duh). I’m also a big podcast junkie: Vital Vegas, You Can Bet on That, 360 Vegas, Red Chip Poker, and Five Hundy by Midnight are a few that I really enjoy.  

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