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Your Favorites: James

Name: James W

Favorite hotel:

My favorite hotel is probably the Mirage. It always has a warm, fuzzy feeling and although it’s on the strip, has the vibe of a really nice, posh, off-strip hotel. I love the location – and I always seem to do well at poker here, too.

Favorite casino:

As for my favorite casino, I’d have to say Planet Hollywood as it always seems to have a fun element, with people in party mode, without being total noobs at blackjack. However, I’m always luckier at Caesars Palace.

Favorite restaurant:

Holsteins at Cosmopolitan is just a great place to eat, plenty of fun and some of the best burgers in the world.

Go to game:

Roulette – I’m the proud creator of probably the streakiest (meaning worst performing) roulette system in the world, but I can only play this way now, which is a rather ‘all or nothing’ approach to an already dangerous game and I desperately want to learn craps – it fascinates me.

Vegas cocktail of choice:

I like to have a random cocktail made at every bar that I go to, that usually ends up with some cranberry in it.

What is your favorite Vegas memory to date?

My very first trip to Vegas had me winning a lot of money on my first every spin of the roulette wheel. It was on #8 in Harrah’s and I think I had put $20 on. From that moment on, my entire four day trip was a success and I had a lot of money saved for my next visit two months later – which I lost in about 4 hours!

Any tips for other Vegas fans?

I prefer to go for 4 nights each time. I think this is the perfect Vegas duration. I’ve been for 1 week, 2 weeks and even a weekend, but 4 days allows you to comfortably do what you set out to do.

Besides Vegas Fanboy, what other Vegas-related media to you consume?, and


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