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What’s Worse? A Virus or Overreacting to an Overreaction?

As a travel blogger, it’s really important for me to have an opinion on everything. As readers, it’s really important for you to read what I’m writing and agree with me. If you don’t, know that I always have a very level-headed response to things and it means you’re wrong.

I’ve had the flu this past week, which gives me great first-hand experience dealing with the complexities of a spreading virus. CVOID-19, or what common folks are referring to as the Corona Virus, is a virus. That means it can spread. It’s hard to tell what is spreading faster, this so called “virus” or points and miles think pieces on how we are not changing anything during this time of global panic.

What’s important to think about now is that while, yes, people are dying, but there are great fare sales to be had. Plus, with the severe risk to the old and infirm, they’re no longer causing unnecessary delays while boarding. As I always say, there’s always a silver lining with every pandemic. The Black Death, for instance, did wonders for real estate. It was quite a buyer’s market.

The most perplexing thing about the Corrona Virus is why we’re all so perplexed and offended by points and miles bloggers offering their take. I mean, it’s their opinion. You don’t have to agree with it. It’s just an opinion. Having an opinion and putting it out there does not give everybody carte blanche to respond to it. Certainly not to disagree. What is the world coming to that a person can’t just say something without people also responding? Ever hear of a one sided conversation? I have. It’s called being married to me.

The most important thing to remember is that when we points and miles bloggers write about something, it’s not because we’ve seriously considered how our words and how the subsequent meaning of those words will impact, sometimes unintentionally, our general readership. No. When we write something, it just comes from our gut and what feels right. What doesn’t feel right is when people baselessly feel the need to respond to something we have written and disagree with it. It doesn’t make us feel good. It can actually make us to feel a little nauseous and cause shortness of breath. Which is actually some of the Coronna Virus symptoms. So how dare you all put that on us?

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