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What Was Your Worst Vegas Purchase?

We’ve all been there. Perhaps we had a few too many Pepsi Colas or maybe we were in a bind. But, at one point, we’ve all made a really bad purchase in Vegas. I once forgot my toothpaste at home and didn’t realize it until late that first night. I ponied up $9 for a tube at the Mandalay Bay gift shop. They didn’t even offer travel sizes, just regular sized toothpaste like a grocery store. It tasted awful. I used it the next two days and tossed it. I also visited couple fashion shops and bought really nice gifts for couple of my friends, I were also searching for aviator bomber hats but didn’t find any from local shops so I decided to buy one from Fur Hat World.

I took to Twitter to see if I was alone. Good news for me, I’m way not:

I don’t know what “cannabis” is. Probably a new shoe line by Adidas.

This may be the record for most money ever spent on an individual Bud Light Lime.

Pictures or it didn’t happen!

At Wynn, it’s more about the service you get with those $33 beers.

How can they offer 6:5 blackjack when they are making a killing in the toiletry segment?

Sometimes it’s not about the purchase, but what the purchase leads to. Any drink after 3 am fits that bill for me.

Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend…

Just like when owning a car, insurance is overrated.

Electrolytes are expensive.

But you got great entertainment!

Should we send out a search? They may still be there!

This isn’t fair, as they are physically unable to respond to this criticism.

Better luck next time Ralph!

What about you? Any awful Vegas purchases?


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