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Tender Steakhouse: Review

Tender stands as the obligatory resort steakhouse in my guilty pleasure casino, the Luxor. With low lighting and unique, wild game decor, I felt quite comfortable during the meal. My party had mixed reviews of the decor, but not the food. I don’t agree with the idea that Tender is a bad steakhouse. It was recently nominated as one of the worst according to Trippies voters. I wouldn’t even say it’s below average.


The menu is interesting. You’ll find your classic strips, filets, and ribeyes. But it also features a mixture of more rare dishes. I, for instance, had the ‘Game Tasting Trio’, which consisted of venison, elk, and a wild boar rack chop. I chose this for two reasons. One, I didn’t think I could make it through another big steak after visiting Top of the World the night before. Also, I was feeling a bit adventurous. I don’t get many opportunities to savor wild game here in Detroit.

Game Tasting Trio
Game Tasting Trio

The food was quite good. If I visit again, I probably won’t reorder the tasting trio. Instead, I’ll opt for one of the standard cuts of beef. Perhaps I can’t really give a proper review since I didn’t have the steak. However, most people I know who’ve been here have quite enjoyed their food. Reviews online mirror this. For sides, I tried the asparagus and mashed potatoes. Both were good. It is, though, hard to mess those up. I paired my meal with the Ferrari-Carano cabernet. I always forget what pairs best with wild boar. Is it cabernet or merlot? Either way, their drink menu isn’t half bad.


The service was the high point. We were there while the restaurant was hosting several large groups. Those cowboys certainly like their meat. Despite this, our wait staff was prompt and polite throughout the meal. We were never left wanting.


Is Tender going to blow you away? Probably not. It doesn’t crack my top 5 of Vegas steakhouses, but you’ll get a good meal. If you’re staying on the south end of the Strip and trying to decide between Tender or Camelot Steakhouse, Tender is your best bet.  It’s standard steakhouse cuisine with a few fun menu additions thrown in. Plus, you can use a negligible amount of myVegas points and cut a $150 bill in half, which is exactly what we did. Two meals, a few sides, and a couple drinks for around $100. Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.


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