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Tanoshii Sushi Chicago: Review

Behind an unassuming facade in Andersonville sits, in my experience, the best sushi restaurant in Chicago. The simple interior betrays the upscale experience. Tanoshii celebrates the Japanese tradition of omakase, translating roughly to “I leave it to you”.

Tanoshii supplies a menu, but you may not need it. Head chef Mike Ham, affectionately referred to as Sushi Mike, delights patrons with inspiring dishes catered to their specific tastes. Seriously, just tell your waiter your flavors of preference and let Sushi Mike work his magic. Leave it to him.

The shiitake roll.

Our family favorite is the shiitake roll, a Sushi Mike special. We order two every time. The rolls are distinctive, yet simple. As with all good sushi, fresh and well-prepared fish supplies a great base. The fish is the canvas; Sushi Mike is Michaelangelo.

There really isn’t much more I can say. Every bite is followed by an audible “Wow!” from every table member every time. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and are even mildly interested in sushi, you’ll find it in your interest to plan a trip.

What helps keep the price reasonable is that, for a small corkage fee, you can bring your own alcohol. It’s hard to beat a beautiful Chicago night with great wine and better sushi.

There are two locations to serve you. If you prefer to dine next to a famous and influential travel celebrity, head to the Clark Avenue spot in Andersonville, but there is also a relatively new West Loop addition. You’ll be equally delighted at both.

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