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Sambalatte, My Morning Happy Place

I like coffee. I like it a lot. I can appreciate the proliferation of popular chains across the country as it means an emergency cup is always in reach. When in Vegas, though, I head for something different. To reach my favorite morning spot on the Strip, I’ll usually pass by three or four Starbuckses. The extended walk is always worth it once I get to Sambalatte.


I’m not sure the coffee is really that much better. I think it’s better, but it may just be that Vegas seems to enhance every experience. Only in Vegas do I think $1 Michelobs taste delicious. You can’t get Michelobs at Sambalatte. You can get this:


Sambalatte offers the standard coffee varietals and pastries. It’s hard to give an accurate review of coffee. A much-needed cup after a long Vegas night tastes much different than most. I will assure you, every sip I’ve had at Sambalatte has been great.

Sambalatte’s Monte Carlo location is what lures me here most mornings. It’s called the BLVD Plaza. I’m not sure what it stands for- probably Big Las Vegas Drunks, but I can’t be too sure. The plaza is a quiet, open space with plenty of outdoor seating right on the Las Vegas Blvd. The large fountain and frequent yoga participants exemplify its surprising serenity given its location. No more than a few hours prior to the first caffeinatedly challenged patrons, the area was filled with boisterous bros and the overflowing cacophony of the surrounding bars. But not in the morning.

Vegas mornings are fairly underrated. Being able to see and enjoy the Strip before the masses take hold is quite an experience. If you’re looking for a nice space to escape to, but still want your surroundings to be unmistakenly Vegas, give Sambalatte a try.  


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